Raising Good Humans Urdu Book Summary part 1

In this three part video I take you step by step through the chapters of this books. The first part is about braking the cycle of reactivity.  A mindful parent is a new generation of a parent .. is how this books starts.  I start of with the example of love affection and kindness of […]

Raising good humans part 2

In this episode I talk about     Our own childhood triggers, what cause us to be the we are reflect upon our own childhood and look into our relationships with our parents. Triggers and our reactions Reducing our stress How we take care of our habitual emotions the difference between blocking and becoming over-flooded with […]

On the subject of critical thinking

Our deen has always encouraged critical thinking. We forgot our way to think, we were subjugated by the western teachings to obey, Centuries of colonialism has overpowered us and brainwashed us to become weak. We say we are a liberated land, free people but our minds have become slave to the false idea of modernity […]

The 7 key elements to teaching

Anyone can be a homeschooler, as long as you understand that as a parent you are a leader.     In this short video I discuss the 7 important key points to becoming life long mentors, teachers, leaders, homeschoolers. https://youtu.be/hWTibFYj5t8

When it’s too much to comprehend

The culture of over stimulating isn’t new. Social media has done that a long time ago. However with the Covid situation, online and homeschooling, parenting 24/7 in the mix, things have become too tense and there seems no end to it. The fact remains that we are living in an era where technology has helped […]

The everyday struggles of a Momin

To like yourself is always a good thing, as a parent. To be kind to yourself. To give yourself a break. To reassure yourself, your are enough. Many a times that feeling doesn’t stay though. Self doubt, anxiety, anger, past baggage, marital, domestic, health and life issues creep up on you. They tower over you, […]

Some parenting facts

by IrambintSafia Let’s get a few facts straight 📍every child deserves love (your definition of normal or special or difficult will show in your mannerism and attitude, so be genuine in loving all your children EQUALLY, specially when it’s difficult. If a child is easy for you to handle and that’s why you love them, […]

Lessons I learned as a mother ….

In my 14 years of parenting I learned 1: becoming a mother didn’t make me a better human,  A pregnancy and delivery doesn’t make you a good parent, learning to become a better human does 2: having children didn’t make me responsible, Knowing my purpose, my identity my role in this world did 3: I […]