The everyday struggles of a Momin

To like yourself is always a good thing, as a parent. To be kind to yourself. To give yourself a break. To reassure yourself, your are enough.

Many a times that feeling doesn’t stay though. Self doubt, anxiety, anger, past baggage, marital, domestic, health and life issues creep up on you.

They tower over you, mocking you, saying how dare you paint a pretty picture. Don’t you see all your cracks?

Alhamdulilallah for Faith. Alhamdulilallah for the blessings of Quran, duas and salah. Alhamdulilallah for the fragility of humanness. For the power of being weak.

Power of being weak, understanding I am a mere creation not a creator. Humbling myself to His mercy alone.

Life is a series of events, where we have the choice to pave our paths. Learn from our mistakes and make the best of what we have.

What we have, is the chance to learn constantly and consistently, the ability to change, overcome adversities with prayer, grit and resilience. And instill the same in our children.

You see , we will always have our bad days, our insecure days, our fearful nights of panic and pain. That’s normal. That’s what makes us human, vulnerable and able to connect with God, humans, nature.

So like yourself, let your children know, you are your number one fan. Teach them to be their own cheerleaders.

Sometimes, surviving one day at a time itself Is a milestone. Ask someone fighting mental or physical illness. Nothing is guaranteed, but that doesn’t stop us from achieving.

Achieve your goals, be your best self, try, try,try… so that the best legacy we leave for our children is …. To never give up on ourselves.

Savior-ship is for God, the Perfect. Not beings… imperfect.. overcome by doubt , pettiness, arrogance.

Remember, fairy tales are just nice endings to all the hardship and suffering the characters in the story endured and overcame.