When it’s too much to comprehend

The culture of over stimulating isn’t new. Social media has done that a long time ago. However with the Covid situation, online and homeschooling, parenting 24/7 in the mix, things have become too tense and there seems no end to it.

The fact remains that we are living in an era where technology has helped us remain sane for most part. We were able to still work, still study, still give exams, and still come back to the new normalcy of life. Alhamdulilallah for being blessed with the heart and mind that has a positive outlook.

In this short clip, the point I am trying to put across is, we have to pause and pick our interests in an intelligent way. We aren’t on a time line here, we are making the time line when it comes to setting goals and aspiring big plans and working on them!

You, the parent are incharge after Allah swt to choose what’s best for your family.

So take your time and think wisely and then choose. You can always pick something new and leave something old along the way. It’s not homework! it’s lifework, there are no grades but only upgrades to a better living. In Shaa Allah.

An overwhelmed, confused and agitated parent is the last thing our children need in these times.

So mute everything, like throwing everything off the table, and then select 2 or 3 of these, the blog, YouTube, podcast , IG feed, FB group. He mindful of what you see and choose and rest assured you won’t miss anything out!