The pens have been lifted

Since the past two Ramadan’s I have lived to see “Life comes with no guarantees”. Everything becomes obsolete when Allah commands “Be”

I have prayed with a variation of emotions; fear anxiety, taqwa and surrender. I have cried in my qiyams and sajuds like millions around the world. To witness the sweetness of iman and the submission to my nothingness in front of our Creator. I have prayed for people who I never thought would leave the world so soon, and for those who went content, lived a full life and left behind devout faithful children. I am praying, gratefully yet again, this was the 39th Ramadan of my life. I was born in Ramadan and I pray I am called back in Ramadan. Which one, I do not fear.

I believe in Allah’s mercy His power and might and my ability to make dua which is His gift, His blessing and nothing from my ability.

To the reader, whatever you may ask for, may you be granted many folds more with blessings and afiyah ameen.

A special dua for the parents around the world:

Ya Allah allow us to be honorable leaders towards our children and allow them to be our honorable leaders in Taqwa 🤲🏼


Ya Wahab you gifted Dawud Aleyhe Salam izzah and kingdom and blessed him with a son like Suleiman. I beseech You to bless our children with honor, wisdom and leadership , the likes of Dawood and Suleiman Aleyhe Salam!


You blessed Ibrahim with Ismail and Ishaaq and elevated his progeny by answering his dua


through the blessing of Muhammad SallAllah hu Alihye Wasalm.


Ya Hayy Ya Qayum bless our progeny with Your Beloveds, Your Abideen, Mukhliseen, Muhsineen, Ameen.


I ask you of nothing less than the dua of Ibrahim, Ya Kareem.


I ask you to shower our parenthood with the strength of iman like Ibrahim, Yaqub, Muhammad peace and blessings of Allah be upon them all and allow our linage to be of the ones whom You love. Ameen.


The pens have been lifted and the inks have been dried.


And the one making this dua has been allowed by Your decree to be able to ask of You.


To you alone we worship, to You alone we submit, to You alone we ask and You alone are the enabler of all goodness. We are ever grateful, Ya Shakur. Forgive us for our shortcomings, forgive us for our follies. Forgive us Ya Ghaffar, Ya Ghafor.