Our pause is a rainbow moment

The sky is majestic. Every time I look up I feel comfort, awe and appreciate God’s dominion.

And when there are rainbows! Oh how romantic does the sky seem then.

Out of reach, a miracle, untouchable and gorgeous.

I am grateful that rainbows are not just displayed in the sky 🙂

Oh so grateful….

I take it is as, miracles don’t just happen to others, so distant and far from us. But to everyday common folk . You and I.

The problem is when you see them too often you forget it’s still a gift , it’s still a miracle.

For me the display of colors on this carpet is not just refraction and reflection process…

It’s a humbling joyful moment.

A moment of reflection, a pause from the noise I am consumed in .

No rain, no water droplets happened , but I still got the pleasure of enjoying these colors.

One might say yes, it’s taking joy in simple things.

I will elaborate more and continue to say, Joy in simple things comes from fitrah.

We are wired to be simple, to appreciate little things, to take time and observe.

However hectic, heart breaking , nerve wrecking life might seem in one moment , the immediate relief doesn’t come from huge shifts or outcomes of our efforts, that might take a lifetime or better part of our existence.

It’s simple moments that bring relief. They humble us. That remind us of our feeble existence and how easy it is to become peaceful, grateful, content.

Storms bring rainbows and thank God for that.

But we don’t need storms to bring rainbows every time and that is such a Mercy.

So the next time you are about to pray,

eat,drink, sleep,feel relieved that someone took care of your work or chore, appreciate it, by being in the moment. Not running off to the next task .

See the rainbow in that moment.

Enjoy it, be grateful for it.

It won’t last long and that’s why it’s a miracle. It appears to disappear and reappear. And between when it’s gone and when it comes back,

work hard, work mad because the whole point is to enjoy the rainbow when it happens , without distractions.

The pause is your rainbow!

Make them often, enjoy them fully.