Make your Ibadah wifi strong.

I was trying to upload a file and the wifi wasn’t working in that particular part of the house so naturally I take the phone and try to move around to see where the signals would work best.

This action has become a natural occurring multiple times in a week or month or year, to get connected.. get a faster, quicker response, to submit the time sensitive projects or just have clear uninterrupted conversations with our loved ones.

Similar is our ibadah isn’t it……

Weak signals mean our hearts aren’t connected well. There is disruption. Spiritual waves aren’t leading us to the Source.

Faster signals mean, we are vigilant, present, cognizant of our ibadah. Whether it is to help us out through a test or be grateful for abundance or acquire the love of our Creator.

The truth is that… the strong signals are bound to fall .. there will no reception days too.

In those days, dear soul, move…. move towards the wifi router…

your masala …

the Quran ..



Seerah study …

Listening to someone making dua…

Move your tongue …

Anything…. that will start accelerating the signal…

Can’t pray ?.. Just make wudu

Don’t want to make wudu .. go into sajud…

Can’t do qiyam .. listen to someone recite …

Can’t share the pain, then talk to Rab… He is As Samee… He hears all..

There is no appointment time,no judgment, no shame, no questioning… Ease… with Him there is always ease.

The easiest of the conversation is,

“Ya Allah I absolutely don’t understand, am miserable and I really don’t see light….

guide me… carry me .. hold me .. uplift me .. forgive me… show me… protect me .. relieve me

there is no right or wrong in asking ….. there is no rush in making your point ..

Conversations over minutes, months, years…

Allah Subhanahu Wa Tala knows…. He knows the struggle, He knows when our wifi connections get weak or even lost.

He waits for us to return, to jumpstart, to take small steps, to reboot….

He responds… through miracles of words from people known or strangers.

He responds …through gifts and answers to duas we never spoke of to anyone.

His signal is never lost. He is always responding, He is Al Haya Al Qayyum, Al Aleem, never tired, forever living, alwasy knowing …

Every soul gets lost, maybe for a moment, for a time being .. for an entire lifetime … only to return..

The gleaming world attractions get in our way, we loose connection. But then we detach, we work around, we make effort and we ultimately make the connection work.

The best part is … everyone’s password is unique!

So no copy past works. We can suggest reset methods, we can help someone rewire, through patience, empathy, compassion, therapy, medication whatever it takes. But the connection will happen only when the unique password is put in.

Submission, absolute admission to our helplessness… forgetfulness… impatience..frustration.. cluelessness. Any of these can be our passwords.

Our one job is to know who to Ask.

Whom to rely on.

Whom to cry our heart out.

May Allah Subhanahu Wa Tala protect our Wifi signals 🙂

He knows we need them!

May your Ibadah wifi never die down and may your dua uploads always be answered. Ameen