Learning is a lifelong process, it’s more so true when you become a parent.

These book discussions are a small effort on my part to help busy parents get a glimpse of what these wonderful books have to share with the world. I am critical of the kind of information being shared. Not everything in every parenting book will be in alignment with our Sunnah. However the objective is to take the khair and share. The rest we can leave out.

This month Alhamdulilallah I was able to study and share gems from the following three books.

1: Siblings without Rivalry

2: Untigering

3: Parent Shift 

I hope my voice, words and thoughts are clear. I pray I have been able to do justice with my time and with yours.In Shaa Allah.

Play it in your background whole doing chores, or sit with a notepad and make notes while sipping tea and commenting yourself 🙂 Either way , thank you for trusting and choosing me to share the wealth of knowledge in these wonderful books.

My personal favorite is Parent Shift. ( If you are into reading and learning I would say start with that, In Shaa Allah)

1: Siblings without Rivalry by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish


A very long awaited book review. I know personal that as a parent self, this is one of the areas that baffles me 🙂

the book is an easy enjoyable read. I hope you would love the book discussion as well, In Shaa Allah.

2: Untigering by Iris Chen

In Untigering, Iris Chen shares her journey of leaving behind authoritarian tiger parenting to embrace a respectful, relational way of raising children. As a Chinese American mom, she draws from her experiences of living in both North America and Asia and offers insights and practices to:

Heal from your childhood wounds

Change your beliefs about yourself and your children

Parent through connection instead of control

Redefine your understanding of success

Navigate and challenge cultural norms

I have added the Islamic perspective to certain elements in the book.


3: Parent Shift by Linda & TY Hatfield and Wendy Thomas Russel

Ten Universal Truths that will change the way you raise your kids.

1: All children have emotional needs

2: All children have innate neurological responses to stress

3: All children must express their feelings

4: All children go through developmental stages

5: All children are born with unique temperaments

6: All children model their primary caregivers

7: Allah children need opportunities to solve their own problems

8: All children need age appropriate lists on their behavior

9: All children need caregivers who honor their personal boundaries.

10: All children go through and between four levels of discouragement in response to unmet needs.