Day 10 Heart Homework: Parenting is Messy.

I have said this before and I will say this again

Parenting is messy

Humans are fussy

Working around the clock

Life zooming tik tok tik tok

So much to do, so much to say

but everyone is so opinionated that way

Why did you …?

How come ?

Why not?

what?what?what …….?

My head often spins ..

common sense seems in bins

follow the next fad

even when it’s bad


just stop…..

it’s emotional intelligence not rocket science ….

Just sit.. breath .. take a stroll ..

sleep , pray, play all day.

Do what connects you with your child…

One kiss or a one thousand and two

each time you laugh aloud together

your hearts will too……

Parenting like seasons is

evolving, changing, growing

It’s harvesting the fruit and not just lawn mowing 🙂

There is no speed up to parenting

and there is no slowing down the time

It’s learn on the go

but there is always a tomorrow.

Parenting is flexible and repairable

Childhood is short and impressionable……

Learn to move on from one day to the next

with love and compassion for self and the rest

Parenting is messy

and this messy is good

as it is all the warm fuzzy feeling

called love ..often misunderstood.