When will I be the best parent?

Indeed a tough question. I often ponder whether there is such a thing? I would lay my head to rest, satisfied, patting myself on the back, thinking you got this. The answer is .. somedays for sure, In Shaa Allah ( God Willing).

That’s my wondering face:) We all have that face many times a day, if you are a parent.

Parenting doesn’t come with a manual, specifically tailored for us and our children. It comes with duas, learning constantly on the job, self grooming, experiences and positive success stories from parents around us.

So through this blog I hope to share our journeys about education in parenting, I am an expert in learning! As a mother of three children, an aunt of many many nephews and nieces, Alhamdulilallah , I consider myself blessed to be expertly learning each and everyday what it means to be blessed with this heavy trust. A parent is a guide, mentor, teacher, advisor and above all a human. We will rise and fall throughout our journey. Its ok, to fall, to pick up our pieces, to learn or relearn or unlearn. We have the sunnah of our Prophets and Quran as our guide to understand the fragility of our human nature.

So let’s learn, and promise ourselves to keep learning for the betterment of our dunya and Akhirah and for a legacy that we intend to leave behind. In Shaa Allah.

In the end I leave you with a reflection.