Raising Good Humans Urdu Book Summary part 1

In this three part video I take you step by step through the chapters of this books.

The first part is about braking the cycle of reactivity. 

A mindful parent is a new generation of a parent .. is how this books starts. 

I start of with the example of love affection and kindness of out beloved Prophet Muhammad SallAllah hu Alihye Wasalm. 

The second point highlighted is reject the perfection syndrome. I talk about, the perfection of Rab tala.

Accept that we will make mistakes and it’s ok to make mistakes. Making mistakes realizing them and then making them correct is what makes us humans

Empathy is acknowledging the emotions of the other party.

Salah should be our solitude place.

We make deliberate good standards and boundaries so that we can leave our children with a positive change for the generations to come

Highlighting the brain function and talking about fight or flight mode. 

Use kind words towards your children, stop pause and reflect before you utter something mean.

Our children are our Sadaqah jariayh but they are not obligated to fulfill our worldly aspirations. Instead they are an Amanah of Allah Subhanahu Wa TALA who have their own life paths. Our job as a parent is to guide them with best kind of Tarbiyah from the Quran and Sunnah and model best manners. the rest is just a dua game.

Mindfully check your emotions, are you hungry, tired, angry and lashing out on the child unnecessarily.

Unhook from negative thoughts.

Make dua to be saved from waswas.

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