Raising Good Humans part 3

This discussion is the last portion of the book titled as Raising Kind Confident Kids

  1. Identifying needs and why conflicts happen

  2. The void of the need fulfillment is the basis of conflict.

  3. As a parent its not our responsibility to fix our children’s problems, what is required is to be present in the moment with listening ears.

  4. As a parent the child requires your focused attention

  5. Identifying through examples barriers to communication

  6. Reflective Listetning

  7. The problem with punishment

  8. I do point out the colonial effect and generational trauma in our culture

  9. Some coaching tips to becoming mindful parents.

  10. The whole thing boils down to become a loving parent through mindfulness which in an islamic light means Taqwa, Sabr, and forgiveness.

I pray that this book stay was beneficial for you.

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