Mastering our Stories

“Emotional intelligence needs to become a part of our conscious mind and self development.” You must have come across this statement whenever we talk about relationships, parenting and communication in any relationship.

In the following video I talk about how we can help shape our stories from the perspective of sunnah, seerah examples and research.

  1. Emotional intelligence is not manipulation.

  2. Connection happens before communication, A lot of the examples from Seerah help us understand that.

  3. Communication skills don’t come naturally. It is easier to get upset easily rather than saying what you exactly want in a cam manner.

  4. There is time and place for every conversation. Be respectful and intuitive about it.

  5. The children learn and internalize our ill communication habits or emotional absence and thus are set up for unrealistic expectations from themselves and others later in life.

  6. Take the initiative to help address the problem rather than expecting a solution from others all the time.

The talk is in Urdu and English. Hope you would benefit. Please do comment and share your thoughts.

Happy viewing.