If I had a parenting manual

I would read the manual, mark the important points, highlight the gems, have several stars and bookmarks across the pages. Just like any subject in school, I am pretty sure, I might have also aced the exam. A funny notion isn’t it, acing a parent exam.

Parenting is so different from a book read, a guide or a funny blog

When someone used to ask my children what’s your mama’s name they would innocently say, “Mama”. I would smile and think, yup .. mama for life it is. Alhamdulilallah.

Our children are our pride and joy. Our lives revolve around them, from the moment they arrive. We make dua for them, their healthy long lives and their success in both the worlds. Often we keep second guessing ourselves and asking the same questions,

” Am I doing enough?” ” Am I making the right choices?” ” Is my child getting everything he or she needs to excel?”

Only time and experiences teach us the best practices

As a parent I learned

  1. I am clueless in practice because the parenting guide was about children generically, not about the child I am blessed with.

  2. The eating, sleeping, and behavior patterns will differ. No one knows your child, but you. They are your everyday case study . Study them intently, learn their patterns and model for them best behavior, teach them gently. Behave wisely.

  3. Every child is different. Different personality traits among your own children, will amaze you, keep you on your feet and make you the best detective in the world.

  4. Children are human beings with emotions. Teaching them to co op with big and small emotions is our job. Learn about emotional health, mental health, best behavior practices and then implement the learning with mindful practice in everyday life.

  5. Thank Allah Subhanahu Wa TALA, for everything big and small. This would make us humble and our children will learn the same.

  6. Enjoy the journey. It was never promised to be easy, but it can become eventful and interesting if we put our heart into it.

  7. Yes parenting is boring too. It’s ok, be the best kind of parent one day at a time.

  8. Live with a sense of purpose, our children learn from us and their surroundings constantly. Help them become amazing human beings by setting good examples.


Your children are not meant to be like you.Every parent wishes for their child to be better. So be the kind of role model you would want your child to imitate.