Everything is not a problem, dear parent.

I have gone through this dilemma over and over again.

I studied positive parenting, check.

I am curbing my triggers, check

I am learning how to be more mindful, check

I am putting all of the above into practice, check

But I am failing, and that makes me doubt myself.

It is not a good feeling, why is this happening?

The answer is

It is happening because

We aren’t in control. We can be the drivers in the driver seat but we cant ask the traffic lights to go according to our wishes.

We will have red stops, pauses, reflecting moments, dua moments, yellow light, get ready for anything moments and green .. everything is going smooth moments. 

Just like accidents, fender benders, life will keep throwing tests.

Let’s learn to not blow out everything out of proportion.

I want to say this out loud …Don’t blow out your emotions every time they shock with you with ( in your mind is ) defiance and in their mind is easy way out.

Don’t get stuck with the why in that specific emotional crises that you might be feeling.

Yes understanding the root cause is important but sometimes there are no root causes, they are just bad decisions, weak moments, human errors.

Please get past those. You cannot blame yourself or your children or doubt everything else when the life road becomes bumpy. Sometimes its ok to just go off road, and maybe along the way you would discover something amazing about yourself, your family and build beautiful memories.