Day 3 Heart Homework: My parenting isn’t unique .. it’s new sense

I have candidly discussed my humble beginnings of parenthood journey.


A mixture of physical fatigue and emotional exhaustion. So after 14 years of being a veteran parent, how much of that has changed? A lot. A lot has changed. they grew up, they are now homeschooled, we have a lot of open communication, I try to think we have one! .. and they respond well, Alhamdulilallah.


The youngest one wrote this in my diary.

A nice lovely gesture. I helps we look froward to another day. I emphasize on ” She listens to us carefully”

I do, I try … I sometimes pretend! But the intention is to make sure they know I am present with them. I said intention, I did not say my actions are always accordingly. But the thought helps me reel back into the present.

It’s funny how she writes, mama listens to us carefully and then mentions “She is on the phone right now”

I have taught them in the past 6 months, mama’s phone is her office. They understand, they accommodate to my BUSYNESS.

I am struggling though, to make all the emotional ends meet.

But when I read what she wrote .. I paused to reflect,

Then I observed her demeanor, her smile, how comfortable she was around me and I concluded I will let this compliment sink in with grace.

So I came up with something interesting.. hope you like it!

How I have learned to work around

C- cute when babies, cuddly when young , charming when grown up.

CHARACTER BUILDING, that I need to work on, mine and theirs simultaneously.


H– when they think of their childhood I pray they will have more of happy, hilarious heartwarming life stories, In Shaa Allah. 

I– I want them to be able to make intelligent, important, integral, innovative strides in life, ones that positively effect their stay in this dunya and the one that remains with them in the Akhirah. Ameen.


L– I tell myself often, Iram LEAD them with Love, Laughter, and Learning. There is nothing bigger than a blessing of a loving mother.Ask the ones who have lost theirs. ….Live with them while loving Allah, showing them how to love Allah Subhanahu Wa TALA and the Prophet SallAllah hu Alihye Wasalm. Love the fragility of life and teach them that everything is temporary in this dunya. Learn the Quran with them. Laugh on your silly mistakes with them. Lead them, with kindness, mercy and Tawaqal Allah.


to show compassion while dealing with each others firsts. Every baby is first!


First time born, first time growing, first time learning, first time experimenting and you are experiencing all their firsts too. There is no copy paste. Develop the art of being present for all their firsts, whether it’s my first born or my tenth:) each one is DEFINITELY their own personality.


R– Respect them and they will in turn know respecting oneself and anyone else is a mandatory human right to have and give freely. Reflect on the events of the day and be kind to yourself, and them. All of us are learning.


E– Emotionally intelligent, eloquent, constantly educating ourselves, that’s the kind of life I want to build for my family culture. I pray that I will be able to inculcate these in my children and they will carry it over to the next generation and the next and the next, In Shaa Allah.


N– Everyday is new, it will bring a new leaning. I feel parenting never gets old. So many lives intertwined and these young individuals bringing their new experiences and us parents sharing our old ones…. make new family conversations. Alhamdulilallah.


 Iram, you are lucky, honestly. be grateful, do more Sajda shuker, become more humble and when you begin to loose your ( bleep) just remember you are nothing but a mere soul trying very very hard to pass through this life.


Make it worth a mention. Understand?


You are the hero or the villan of your story at the end of the day, Iram. You have a super power, your direct link to Rab. Your direct connection , duas and conversations.


You need people in your life to thrive not survive.

Use your gift: Iman: your power Tawkaal, wisely.

Chop chop .. time is too short .. time is too short.