A conversation with myself. Somedays I need reassurance.

I have been reading a lot about parenting.

One because I should learn more about my full time job to become a better parent and

two because I want to be a parent coach to you:)

For the past one month I have been busy. I brought to my audience

  • Homeschooling solutions to the confusion series, I put up those videos on YouTube and the links on my link tree.

  • I brought to you Hearts minds and Families Summit. The title spoke volumes for itself, Simple moms having complex conversations. There were 11 interviews from all around the world to talk about the daily important grind of motherhood, womanhood , parenthood. I reached out to those participants, In England, Canada, Australia and different parts of USA, recorded those interviews and with the help of three other amazing moms was able to bring a Muslim Mothers Summit to you. You can check it out by signing up or the Hearts Minds and Families page on Facebook, Instagram and email us to give you the Youtube Link.

  • And in private Facebook groups I completed three pareting books all in a span of three weeks:) That is not a short feat! especially if you are going though each chapter’s explanation, gems and extracting lessons that are aligned with our Islamic belief.

I would love for those viewers to actually give me reviews on what they learned, in those book summary classes. Alhamdulilallah. All good and benefit is from Allah Subhanahu Wa TALA alone. We human are mere vessels or keys to goodness and that too only when our intent is good and our duas are in order. Alhamdulilallah.

A snippet from the Homeschooling solution series and pictures from the book studies.

The books are as follows

Raising god Humans by Hunter Clarke-Fileds

Positive Parenting an essential guide by Rebecca Eanes

Hands Free Mama by Rachel Macy Stafford


And while writing this I have launched my Ahsan community project, where I am inviting you to join my monthly paid program so that we can become better versions of ourselves. To join the link is on the front page.


In all of this constant media and content presentation, where do you think I find time to be a parent?

 I push myself to make the effort. Every single day.

Every single snuggle, kiss, hug, conversation is a focused effort on my part.


I bring my scattered brain to be present in the moment when my child is speaking to me, talking to me about the things that are important to them. When they are sharing their squabbles with me, I realize fully that this time will not return.


I am aware of my human flaws and I know the one reading is too.

I am becoming an entrepreneur, I am realizing my dreams. I am really working day and night around the clock and I am loving it. I have aspirations and goals but that is not my first passion. My first and foremost passion is raising my children with love.


I fall short. But I try again and that’s what I keep telling myself, Iram you have one life to live, make a plan, and then keep tweaking it along the way.

So I share with you some of my learnings and thought processes.

Thank you for coming along with me on this journey.

Yesterday my daughter asked me,”Mama how do you know your duas are answered?”

I said well I have abundance of good that I never asked for then how come I will fall short of the things that I am actually working towards and asking from the Malik Al Mulk?” She continues and says,” Still mama, how can you be sure?”

I smiled and said I am not sure of the blessings I will receive, I am not sure of the tests I will face, but I am sure of His Mercy.

And that’s more than enough for me to continue this journey.

I am a Muslim woman, daughter, sister, wife, mother and now an entrepreneur. I can see myself as either failing in all these capacities and be debilitated by my flaws or I can look at the Mercy of Ar Rahman Ar Raheem and ask Him alone to be merciful to me. Set my affairs straight, Al Hadi to guide me.

That my dear friend is the secret to every single struggle. Ask.. keep asking .. and have faith that you are taken care of.

That’s my reassurance to every shortcoming I face due to my own doings and lacking.

What about you?

Also sign up for the Ahsan community monthly subscription In Shaa Allah.

See you there! with amazing things waiting for us to happen. A positive long-lasting transformative change. A wonderful beginning to our happily hereafter. Jannah Al Firdous and nothing less.