Foundations of Self-Discovery

*Week 1-2: Foundations of Self-Discovery
Objective: Establish a strong foundation for self-awareness and understanding.

Session 1: Introduction to the Program
Welcome participants and explain the program’s goals.
Learning about temperaments, attachments, listening skills and communication skills like acknowledgement and validation. Practice and free quizzes.
Session 2: Understanding Limiting Beliefs
Define limiting beliefs and discuss their impact.
Guide participants in identifying their own limiting beliefs.
Session 3: Self-Reflection and Goal Setting
Introduce journaling as a reflective tool.
Help participants set personal development goals.
Week 3-4: Cognitive Distortions Awareness
Objective: Recognize and challenge distorted thinking patterns.

Session 4: Cognitive Distortions 101
Explain common cognitive distortions.
Provide real-life examples.
Session 5: Identifying Distortions in Daily Life
Guide participants to recognize distortions in their thoughts.
Introduce mindfulness techniques.
Session 6: Challenging and Reframing Distorted Thoughts
Teach participants how to challenge and reframe negative thoughts.
Encourage positive affirmations.
Week 5-6: Self-Healing and Recovery
Objective: Facilitate the process of self-healing and recovery.

Session 7: Introduction to Self-Healing Techniques
Explore various self-healing methods (meditation, visualization, etc.).
Discuss the mind-body connection.
Session 8: Creating a Personalized Self-Care Plan
Assist participants in developing a self-care routine.
Emphasize the importance of self-compassion.
Week 7-8: Confidence and Self-Esteem Building
Objective: Boost confidence and cultivate a positive self-esteem.

Session 9: Confidence Building Strategies
Provide tools for building confidence.
Discuss the role of self-talk in confidence.
Session 10: Self-Esteem Enhancement
Explore activities that enhance self-esteem.
Celebrate progress and achievements.
Session 11: Integration and Future Growth
Review key learnings from the program.
Guide participants on continuing their personal development journey.

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