6 Month Coaching Program

Months 1-2: Building Awareness and Overcoming Bad Habits

Week 1-2: Program Introduction and Goal Setting
Welcome participants and set the program’s objectives.
Guide clients in setting personal and growth-oriented goals.
Week 3-4: Self-Reflection and Identifying Bad Habits
Introduce self-reflection exercises.
Help clients identify and understand their existing habits.
Week 5-6: Developing a Growth Mindset
Explore the concept of a growth mindset.
Guide clients in adopting a mindset conducive to change.
Months 3-4: Addressing Limiting Beliefs, Cognitive Distortions, and Relationship Patterns

Week 7-8: Identifying and Challenging Limiting Beliefs
Assist clients in recognizing and challenging beliefs that hinder growth.
Provide tools for reframing limiting beliefs.
Week 9-10: Cognitive Distortions and Mindset Shift
Educate clients about common cognitive distortions.
Facilitate mindset shifts through cognitive restructuring.
Week 11-12: Analyzing Relationship Patterns
Explore clients’ relationship patterns.
Begin addressing self-destructive relationship behaviors.
Months 5-6: Accountability, Conflict Resolution, and Positive Traits Development

Week 13-14: Cultivating Accountability and Self-Compassion
Introduce accountability practices.
Teach self-compassion as a foundational skill.
Week 15-16: Conflict Resolution Skills
Develop conflict resolution strategies.
Guide clients in handling conflicts positively.
Week 17-18: Positive Character Traits Development
Explore and cultivate positive character traits.
Connect traits to personal and relational success.
Months 7-8: Boundaries, Relationship Attachment Styles, and Authenticity

Week 19-20: Establishing Healthy Boundaries
Educate clients on the importance of boundaries.
Assist in setting and maintaining healthy boundaries.
Week 21-22: Relationship Attachment Styles
Assess and understand clients’ attachment styles.
Explore the impact on relationships and personal growth.
Week 23-24: Embracing Authenticity and Future Planning
Encourage vulnerability and authenticity.
Help clients create a plan for sustained personal growth.
Throughout the Program:

Gratitude Practices:
Introduce weekly gratitude practices.
Foster a positive mindset through gratitude reflection.
Values Alignment Sessions:
Regularly align personal values with identified goals.
Ensure that actions are in harmony with core values.
Parenting or Marriage Collaboration:
For clients in parenting or marriage, provide collaborative sessions need based.
Focus on effective communication, understanding, and shared goals.
Character Trait Integration:
Integrate positive character traits into daily life.
Discuss progress and challenges during coaching sessions.
Self-Reliance and Connection:
Balance self-reliance with the importance of connection.
Explore how independence and healthy relationships coexist.
Coaching Approach:

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